OUR AIM is to provide practical help and emotional support in complete confidence to anyone in the rural community.

For the last 26 years a constantly evolving team of 15 volunteers ( farmers, farmers’ wives and some industry professionals) have been trying to do just that.
Below is a list of some of the tasks we have been asked to help with; it is not complete because due to our policy of complete confidentiality, some things are too sensitive to mention. In no particular order:
Talking to a dedicated DEFRA helpline in cases of severe economic or mental need.
Mediating in disputes between neighbours.
Benefit awareness and access.
Helping to find fodder after the July 2007 floods.
Visiting isolated or lonely people.
Talking to ( we are not insured to advise) farmers with animal problems, often as intermediaries with BSPS, Trading Standards or RSPCA, occasionally the Police and once the Bailiffs.

We have been involved with “Horsey” disputes.
Divorce, mental health, cash flow and suicide; we often point the way to professional help, especially if we are not experts in that particular field.

We work closely with the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI), the Farm Community Network (FCN) and the Addington Fund.